Need help with a pattern

I am working on scarf. I had no prob. with first part but this secon is giving me a headache. Joining row: (K3,P8 ) across first side. (P8,K3)across second side. Cont even, having 3 sts at each side in garter st. I do not understand the cont even part :crying: :help:

“even” just means to continue whatever pattern you have been working.

I think I have an answer, but can you tell me what pattern you’re doing so that I don’t steer you wrong?

Cont even=continue even, which usually means keep going with those directions, but it sounds like you’re working a gap. Is it a keyhole scarf? Does it tell you to do something else after a certain number of inches or rows?

the pattern is a bernat boa pattern. Yes it is a keyhole scarf.
Dana :XX:

Yep, you’re good. Work even means to keep following those directions. I was a mondo zombie last night, DH is out of town and I’m not sleeping well. I love keyhole scarves. I made and sold a whole bunch of them.

Do I continue with the K3,P8 or do I cont with the begining of the scarf pattern. The part I was knitting before I made the hole.