Need help with a pattern

I’m working on a pattern and I don’t understand one of the things I have to do…the pattern reads p2 YO k2…so I understand that I have to purl 2 then how to I yo, because to do the k2 the yarn is going to go in the back, so I don’t know, I just don’t get it…where should my yarn go after the second purl. I’ve watched all the videos, but they just didn’t help me out… :wall:

If you just P2 then K2 without transitioning your yarn, you will create a YO because the yarn will wrap over the top of the needle, giving you an extra stitch. It depends how large you want your yarnover though, this will create a smaller hole doing this, but if you want a large yo you can move your yarn back to knit position, then over the top of your needle to purl position again, then back to knit position, (so it creates a full wrap around the needle)…

I’m not sure if my description is ample, but try both, and see which yo you prefer.

thanks dee!!

I was thinking about wrapping it around like your second suggestion, but I wasn’t sure if that was right…

I really appreciate you relpying so quickly!!!

That way will create a bigger yo than was intended by the pattern. Especially in lace, this will probably open up the pattern a lot more and make it bigger/lacier. It will probably be an improvement, but just keep in mind that the intended yo was probably just moving the wool over the top of the needle to the back of the work. And it may make each pattern repeat a bit wider.