Need help with a pattern!

I am working on a pattern that I don’t understand. I am decreasing down to a total of 10 sts. The patttern reads: Decrease either side every other row once and then every 4th row once Repeat (-) 9 times more.


Well that’s weird. I’m not sure how to "Decrease either side every other row once ". To do something “once” makes it impossible to do it “every other row”. :?? But here’s my guess…

Row 1 - decrease on both sides.
Row 2 - work even
Row 3 - work even
Row 4 - work even
Row 5 - decrease on both sides.

Repeat row 1-5 9 times. :thinking:

Thanks for the help. I will try it and see what happens!

Good luck! :thumbsup: