Need Help with a Pattern

“Knit up” is an odd shortening for pick up and knit but you do sometimes come across it. Yes, knit the 14sts from the holder, pick up and knit the 53sts and finish by knitting the last 14sts,

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Just to be clear, when you say pick up and knit, does that mean I just have to get an additional 53 sts along the edge, or should I also “knit” them?

When you pick up sts by putting the right hand needle into the fabric, wrapping the yarn strand from the ball around the needle and pulling up a loop that’s picking up or picking up and knitting.

You don’t have to go back and knit these sts again.

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Thank you! So basically how i did it with the 53 sts :grinning:. Just have to knit the sts on the holder then.

That’s sounds good.

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Okay, so I just realised that I’ve gotten myself in a bit of a bind.
The last buttonhole was supposed to be on the garter edge before starting the collar, and since I’ve shortened the body about 3 cms, that would mean that it would have to be placed on the double neck.

Would it be as simple as making sure that when I knit both buttonholes on different rows, they’d need to line up perfectly against each other when the collar is folded?

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Yes that’s it. I also did this on a folded double neck. You also need to join the 2 pieces of fabric together around the button hole so it isn’t open to the inside of the folded knitting but acts as a single buttonhole. It can be a few stitches to join them in either the knitting yarn or a thinner matching sewing thread.

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@Creations, thanks!

You’re welcome. Hope it goes well.

Finally finished, well, except for some weaving in of ends. Again, thank you @salmonmac and @Creations for all your help and patience !


Beautiful cardigan and nice color. Great work Sol_G

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Thank you, @ZKOhio!

It’s just perfect! Well done.

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This is gorgeous! That button band and collar are beautiful! I have never fancied a garter stitch button band but I’m sold now. Thanks for sharing the photo.


What a beautiful sweater and I love the yarn!

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