need help with a pattern - vague instructions

Hi, the row 1: (RS) is
K1,p1,k2,p1,yo,ssk,p1,k2,p1,yo,ssk, [p1,k1] 3 times
row 2 (WS) work in ribbed lace pattern as established across row, as 5 sts at end
row 3 (RS) work even in pattern

My question is what should i do for row 2? the pattern already had a ribbed lace pattern for the sleeves with a row 1, 2 (repeated for row 4) and 3?


Can you give us a pattern name and link please? That always helps when asking questions. Don’t post the pattern here it against copyright.

Hi, thank you sooo much. it’s the Callie Bib Tee. I’m starting work on the left bib.

Hi and welcome!
Row 2 is part of the ribbed lace pattern. It’s a knit the knits and purl the purls row. Knit the sts the look like Vs and purl the sts with bumps or little collars. Purl the yarn over too.
There may be a place in the pattern where the designer defines the ribbed lace pattern and gives the rows of the pattern. Check at the beginning and at the end of the pattern instructions.

Have you also seen this correction from the YarnForward website:

Hi thanks. Yes there is a ribbed lace pattern with different row1, row 2 (4), row 3. So, do I revert to that pattern? After the first RS and WS rows? Thanks

I don’t know what that pattern lace instructions are but the instructions here are to continue pattern as established across the row. That means to maintain the columns of knit, the columns of purls and the small lace panels. It looks like the decrease (ssk or k2t) will change places with the yarn overs on every other row in order to give you the staggered eyelet pattern.
The project I linked to shows the lace panel very clearly in the 3rd photo although I’m not sure for which size.