Need help with a pattern! Please!

Ok…I think I’ve bit off WAY more than I can knit! uhg.

I purchased this $2.00 pattern from Knit Picks.

I’m getting an error message that I have to have a minimum of two posts in order to post a link…so I’ve removed the http: and www portion of the URL…sorry if that’s breaking the rules…but I’m not an advertiser…I just need help!

I know I can’t post the pattern here, but I am so stuck! I understand all of the stitches but I have NO idea where to start! Is it okay to post part of a pattern here? I’m so sad! I want to start this and I can’t! Any help would be MOST appreciated! :muah:

the cardigan has a “leaf” pattern on the right and left front edges. The pattern says to start with the leaf pattern and then work in seed/moss stitch until there are 16 stitches left. I have NO idea what they mean! :hair:

there are 16 rows in the leaf edging pattern 1 and 16 rows in leaf edging pattern 2 (I am assuming this means the left and right sides??..and if so, why can’t they just say that?!). The moss stitch pattern has 2 rows.

the leaf edging pattern also says at the end of each row something like, 16 stitches needed - 17 stitches left…what the heck does THAT mean?!? And sometimes it says 17 stitches needed, 16 stitches left.

Also…it says: Work 1.5 inches in seed stitch and leaf edging patterns then change to working even knit instead of the seed stitch while working the leaf edges…huh?!? What is “even” knitting??

I understand every stitch in the pattern…it’s not that difficult, but man I sure am having a hard time figuring out how to work the pattern. :’( I guess I need everything spelled out…like do THIS row THEN DO THIS row, then this row etc and so on. When it’s in sections like this it confuses the heck outta me!

Has ANYONE made this who owns the pattern and can help?? Or should I just put down the needles and go back to crochet! LOL! :wink: Thanks so much if you can help!!

thanks to a poster on another forum. LOL! :yay: (I told you I was desperate!)

But still wondering what the end parts mean…ex. 16 stitches needed, 17 stitches left.

any ideas?

It is okay to post a couple of the rows from the actual pattern since we can’t see it otherwise. The parts you wrote really don’t help, we need to see what it says in context.

It sounds like the leaf pattern starts out with 16 stitches, but some rows you increase 1 more then you decrease so those rows have 17 stitches after the row is done. That’s why it says “16 stitches needed - 17 stitches left”

The pattern should tell you how many to cast on - 150 (I picked that # out of the air, I don’t know what it really is). Start the first 16 stitches with the leaf pattern (I would put a marker here) then knit seed stitch until you get to the last 16 (put another marker here) and then knit the 1st row of the 2nd leaf pattern.

Yes, I say there are probably 2 charts for leaf pattern, 1 for each side of the front.

After you’ve worked the entire pattern for 1.5", in the center section where you’ve been doing seed stitich, switch to stockinette stitch. That’s got to be what they mean by ‘even’ knitting, though not a very clear way to say it. Looking at the pic of the sweater, the body is mostly stockinette. Continue the 16 stitches at each end in the leaf pattern.

Thank you so much both for taking the time to answer me. You’ve helped clarify what I thought I was reading…but since I’m kind of a newbie, I wanted to make sure.

Fingers crossed it all works out!! Thanks again!!!

:muah: :muah: