Need help with a pattern about the basic usage of the circular needle

I am pretty sure this is a basic question and I have no knowledge about circular needles. I purchased a pattern online and am not sure whether the owner would allow me to share part of it to look for help. It is called Solar System Blanket by Emily Bujold and the project looks like the picture. The pattern starts with 9 stitches and gradually increases to almost 600 stitches. The pattern calls for US 10 (6 mm) needle in the preferred style for small diameter circular knitting and in 32”+ (80 cm +) circular. How can I knit 9 stitches if the circular needle is 32-inch long? I feel like I may need to change the circular needle in the knitting process. Can someone explain what’s going on? Or can someone share some useful tutorial videos for cicular needle knitting? Much appreciated.

Hi Sunflowerdango, Welcome to KH.
You can begin this type of project (one that has such a small amount of sts to be knit in the round) using dpns, if you have some, then transferring to a circular as the stitch count grows. This is what I usually do.
You can also use magic loop technique using your circular needle, some find it a little tricky (but isn’t everything when it’s new and unfamiliar lol)
Very Pink has some excellent tutorials on youtube.
Wishing you the best of luck with your project.


Hi, notknittingknots, thank you so much for the guidance and suggestion. Very Pink’s tutorials are very helpful. :blush:
I found she has a video about Pie circles and it does give me a general idea about how to knit DPNs first and then circular needles for a circular shape project.

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