Need Help with a Newbie Pattern

Hi all - I’m somewhat new to knitting and I’m working on the Lion Brand Microspun Ripple Shawl which, according to the website is a Beginner’s pattern.

Anyway, I have the stitches down - just confused about the pattern.

Essentially, it’s a knit row followed by a purl row but then the pattern reads, K3 *[k2tog]3times, [yo, k1] 6 times, [k2tog] 3 times; repeat from * to last 3 sts, k3

Okay…so here is what I did.

I knit 2 together 3 times

I yarned over knit 6 times

I knit 2 together 3 times

NOW…I’m stuck.

Am I supposed to knit another 2 together 3 more times or am I supposed to yarn over knit 6 times?

Is the end of this cycle really knit 6 together, then yarn over knit 6 times?

Do I have all of you confused as well?


My understanding is that you repeat from * to ; so you’ll [k2tog]3times, [yo, k1] 6 times, [k2tog] 3 times. Then to repeat, you begin with another another [k2tog]3times, then do the [yo, k1] 6 times, and [k2tog] 3 times; repeating the same set of three directions until there are only three stitches left on the needle. It seems that when youdo the repeat, you will have two of the [k2tog]3times sets right next to each other.

Thanks Rachel. I was getting very confused and was afraid to continue until I had an answer.

You’ve saved me!

You should repeat the pattern between the two asterisks (_) however many times it takes for you to work the 126 stitches left between the border stitches (K3 on each side). From looking at the pattern the last 6 stitches you work before the border stitches should be k2tog 3 times.

Yes, that sounds right. Glad to help :smiley:

Okay another question…

This is my first project using smaller sized needles (size 6) - and it’s the first time I’m using bamboo needles as well. This yarn (microspun) is not the easiest to work with in my opinion. It’s more like thread. I am finding that the stitches are quite hard to get off the left needle when I am knitting two together. Is it possible I am knitting too tightly. I thought of taking this off of my straight needles and moving to circular needles but I’ve never used them before. Is bamboo just more difficult to work with? The yarn is so thready and separates easily so I picked them up because I was afraid of dropping stitches.

It really could be the yarn or the needles or just your tension. Yarn and needle preferences are really a personal thing. Some don’t like metal at all some don’t like anything but metal…

I have found Microspun to be that way too though. If you think it may help I’d go for using the circulars. Most metal needles are slicker than most bamboo and it may make a difference.

If that doesn’t work you might want to change how you are wrapping your yarn around your fingers. I don’t usually wrap it at all cuz when I do I don’t like how tight I knit. I do wrap it if it’s really slick yarn, but that’s not very often.


Yes you might want to try metal needles with that yarn. Not all types of yarn goes with any type of needle.

I was truthfully thinking of starting the whole project over again. I’m going to try and search for a store that might sell knitting needles somewhere near where I work. You would think it would be easy to find a knitting shop in Manhattan - but it isn’t.

You might try some of the stores listed in this thread -

I’ve used used the microspun yarn with resin needles, and it was a nightmare. I couldn’t even imagine it with wood! Definately go with a metal needle, when I switched over, I went from hating the yarn, to loving it. It knits up very pretty, but you need to be careful about which type of needles you use!