Need help with a lace pattern

So I have 96 stitches but my rows are 7 stitches each. I know to keep repeating on that row until I reach the end and then go to the wrong side but I have 5 stitches left over and I don’t know what to do. I’m new and confused, help!

Welcome to KH! It would help if you can post a link to the pattern.

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
I replied to your question at the end of an older thread in How to but it’ll be less confusing if we keep all the replies here in Pattern Central. Basically, my question is the same a Jan’s, it just took me longer to get there: a pattern link or a scan of the first few rows of the chart will help us.

Well I don’t know how to tell if its repeated. The first line on the chart is k,k,k, k2tog, yo,k so I figure its repeated. But it doesn’t add up.

This is the pattern.

This one is probably better so you don’t have to scroll through the other one.

Actually both are helpful as are your written directions for the repeat. It is indeed: k,k,k, k2tog, yo,k. That takes 6stitches to do one repeat and will leave you with 6 stitches. That’ll work evenly into 96sts.
The yarn over may be causing the problem. It occurs between stitches and so it won’t use a stitch. Here’s a video that may help.
Absolutely gorgeous hat. Thanks for the pattern link.

Thank you so much! Now I just have one more question. Since the numbers are on the right side and I know you start from right to left, when doing the second and fourth and so on rows, do you follow the pattern from right to left or switch to from left to right?

Since this hat is knit in the round, you’ll always be reading the chart from right to left. Place a marker on the needle for the beginning of the round. Using a different color, you could also place markers every 2 repeats or so to keep track of your stitches and make sure you don’t forget a yo or a k2together. These markers can be a simple as a loop of scrap yarn.
If it were knit flat, you would read row 1 (and all odd rows) right to left and row 2 (and all even rows) left to right.