Need help with a king cole pattern

Hi everyone I am new to this site, so hopefully I am posting correctly. I am working on a king cole pattern with cables. It has me doing the cable in the first row then I increase the first stitch of 2nd, last stitch of 3rd and first stitch of the 4th. This is to make the front bow out on one side. I just repeat those 4 for my pattern. But it says to increase the next 11 rows. Do I increase when I do the cable row (1st row) or do I just do my cables on that row and only increase in the next 3 till 11 increase rows are done? Trying to increase the last stitch of my cable row when the last stitch is part of the cable is tough and I think it looks more knotted than cable there. I tried emailing king cole but didn’t get an answer :frowning: Thanks

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I haven’t seen that in a pattern before. This is a sweater? Can you tell us the pattern name and King Cole number?
Offhand, it seems that once you make the first increase in row 1, you now have an extra edge stitch in which to work the next increase and so on, but seeing the sweater may help.
One more question, how are you working the increase (kfb, M1 or something else)?

Sorry. I didn’t post the pattern because I wasn’t sure if it was allowed. Thanks for asking. Here we go.
Its pattern number 3387. It is a cardigan short sweater.

Cont in pattern as now set, inc 1 st at shaped edge (front opening) of next 11 rows, then foll 3 alt rows. If I stay in pattern I am doing the 4 cable on the edge where the increase stitch is so I end up trying to do my increase at the same time as my cable. ( put two behind work two then work the two behind) I hope I am making better sense now. And I thought intarsia was hard to teach myself… Ha
I forgot to add. It doesnt give me a specific way to increase so I have been going in the front then the back of the stitch for my increases. It was the only way I could see to do it when I am also doing the twist of the cable at the same time.

Ah, of course. The photo is a big help and your right about not posting large portions of the directions. That does run into copyright problems.
Increase at the front edge but keep the cables in place (i.e. in the same column). Work the increases as knit stitches if they will become part of an eventual cable column. You can see cables that are starting in the increased sts in the photo.5 inked

When you have enough sts for the cable cross, do the cable cross the next time you get to a cable row. That way most of the increases shouldn’t fall on a cable cross row. If they do, yes, skip the increase on that row. It’s too much to try shaping or bind offs etc. on cable cross rows.

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Thank you so much. I have restarted this so many times that I had to throw some of the yarn away it shredded! I am so happy I found this site. Now to read other posts and learn more :slight_smile:

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