Need help with a few things for Travel Shawl (Knitting 24/7)

Hi! I’m a rather newer knitter. I’ve chosen to make the Travel Shawl from Knitting 24/7. The beginning of the pattern is confusing me in terms of joining and placing the markers so that the pattern sets up okay on dpns. I’ve used double points before and usually just join by starting in on the knit (or purl) stitch. In other patterns where the stitch pattern isn’t crucial, I just use the tail yarn as my guide. I’ve placed markers before, but in this pattern, however, I’m finding it difficult because there are immediate increases (M1-u) after the 1st knitted round and therefore the stitches don’t line up on each needle.

The pattern reads as follows:

[I]Using waste yarn, CO 8 sts. K2 rows. Change to working yarn; leaving 12" tail; K1 row. Join for working in the rnd; pm for beginning of round.

Increase Rnd: *K1, M1-u; repeat from * to end - 16 sts. Purl 1 rnd. Pm after sts 4,8, and 12.

Begin Pattern: Begin pattern from Chart A… the first few row of Chart A starts like this: K3,YO,K1,YO
So my questions would be

  1. where do I place the markers exactly because doesn’t each needle have to have the same # of stitches.
  2. can’t I just keep the tail as my guide for the first few rows and then add in my markers later on in the chart?
  3. since I’m using dpns, isn’t each needle like a marker? I understand using the markers for circular needles to keep the pattern correct, but it seems unnecessary right now until I have to change to circulars.

What would you suggest? Thanks!!!

  1. When you work with dpns you don’t necessarily have to have the same number of stitches on each needle (unless your pattern tells you to and even then it may not be necessary but make it easier).

  2. You may be able to do as you suggest, but it might be well to do what they say and remove the markers a bit later if you find you don’t need them.

  3. Yes, the needles may be like markers if the markers you would place are right at the end of each needle, but that may change.

What would you suggest?
I’d suggest you do what they say and move sts around to make it work. Keep the markers where they tell you for a while and if everything is working out so methodically that you feel certain you don’t need them any more, take them out. I don’t like markers either, they are a pain to have to move all the time, but sometimes make life easier.

Thank you! I actually started over 5 times already. I kept using the markers that have to slide on the needle then realized that perhaps I could just use the locking type marker and mark the start of the round. I’m trying to keep the same # of stitches on each needle and I’m not placing any extra markers yet - I’m on row 9 of Chart A…so far, so good. It takes a bit of concentration for sure!

If I have to start over again, I’m going to go with what you said and place the markers and not worry about same # of stitches on each needle.

You can put the sts on only 2 dpns and use a 3rd one to knit with. After you’ve done a few inc rows and have more sts, uou can add the other needles and rearrange the sts around them. You can also just knit a plain round first before beginning the incs, it won’t be noticeable and is a lot easier to manage.