Need Help with a Cloche Hat Pattern

Hi everyone,

I’m new to these forums as well as pretty new to knitting and I was hoping to get some advice on a new felted cloche hat pattern I’ve been working on. I’ve had to take my work completely apart no less than 7 times as a result of a particular part of the pattern I keep messing up on called “Asymmetrical Short Row Shaping.” The pattern first has me cast on 90 stitches, then I join in the round, purling rounds 1, 3, & 5 and knitting rounds 2 & 4. This is all simple enough. The following part is where I keep having problems (and I’m copying what this part of the pattern says exactly):

-Knit 42 sts, hold yarn in front and turn work. Slip 1 st purl wise. (One wrapped st (W&T) completed)
-K22 sts, W&T
-K21 sts, W&T
-Continue in this manner until there are 3 wrapped sts on each side.
-Knit Across all sts for the rest of the round, knitting the wrap and stitch together when you come to it.
-Next Round: Purl all sts, purling together wrap and st.

The problem is, since there are 3 wrapped sts on each side, there isn’t just one wrap and stitch to knit together when I come to it.

Also, in the process of messing this whole part up, I’m creating holes that I fear the felting process won’t even be able to cover up.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be extremely appreciated. I’m so tired of having to unravel the whole thing and start all over. Thanks so much!

When you come to [I]each[/I] wrapped stitch you knit the stitch together with its wrap. That should prevent the holes and felting will close them up further.

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
There’s a video here for short rows that may help although it demonstrates the short rows using stockinette stitch (alternating knit and purl rows when knitting flat) and you’re creating garter stitch for your hat. The 3 wrapped stitches on each side are treated individually. Just pick up each wrap and knit it with the corresponding stitch, one after the other. Felting the hat is going to cover a surprising number of defects so unless the holes are really large, you should be ok. Often, in garter stitch, the directions for short rows are just to turn without the wrap since the hole tends to be hidden in the rows anyway.
You could try this out on a small swatch just to make sure it all works and so that you don’t have to rip out yet again, if you’d like.

Thanks Suzeeq,

I think another my problem was that I wasn’t going down to K21, K20, K19, K18, etc. Instead I completely misread the pattern and did K21, K22, K21, K22. My next problem is, how do I knit a stitch together with its wrap? It feels like I’m sooo close to getting this! These newbie mistakes are so frustrating!

The video will shoe you how to knit the wrap with the stitch and help you out there.

Thank you salmanmac, the videos look very helpful! I’m going to knit a swatch like you suggested and see how it goes. I’ll post again later to let you know if I figured it out!


So unfortunately I’m still confused. This is the way I’m interpreting the pattern which is extremely different from how it is in the video: I basically knit 42 stitches, then I bring my yarn to the front, then I turn my work (my yarn is now in the back after turning), and then I slip a stitch purl wise (go in like I’m going to purl but instead of purling I just transfer the stitch from the left needle to the right needle). Then I knit 22 stitches and do the previous all over again.

Am I reading the pattern totally wrong? When it states “hold yarn in front and turn work” am I supposed to bring my yarn to the front and THEN turn the work or am I supposed to make sure the yarn is in front at all times?

Also, in the video, she slips the stitch from the right needle, moves the yarn to the back, then puts that same stitch back on the right needle. I’ve just been slipping the stitch from the left needle this whole time and as a result, my slip stitches look very different from her’s and I therefore can’t knit the W & T stitches together in the same way she does because there’s no wrap.

Does my pattern call for a special variation of the W&T stitch or should I just do it the exact same way she does?

Sorry to be so dense about this and I really appreciated the help!

I found a video that shows you how to do W&T in garter stitch but it’s still very different from how I’m interpreting my current pattern:

In this video, she first brings the yarn to the front. Then she slips the stitch off the left needle purl wise. Then she brings the yarn to the back. Then she turns her work. Then she puts the slipped stitch back on the right needle, then she brings the yarn back.

Is this essentially want my pattern is asking me to do and I’m just misreading it. I’m just confused because the pattern says to turn the work and the slip the stitch whereas this video is slipping the stitch and then turning the work

You’re interpreting your pattern correctly. It’s just different from the convention w&t, or at least the ones shown in the videos. I’m used to doing more of a wrap than you directions call for but you should be able to follow the pattern you have.
ETA: You know, having tried your directions, I’d recommend either doing the w&t as the video you found or skipping the wrap entirely and just turning you work. There will be a small hole but the felting will close it up.


Thank you so much! I just took your advice by doing normal W&Ts from the video and everything looks ok now (I made one small hole on accident but like you said, it should felt out). So glad I found this forum, I was close to giving up!

I have run into another issue with the welted band part of the hat. I’m supposed to increase from 70 stitches to 140 stitches in one round by doing the following:

Increase Round: Purl into stitch below, Slip 1 stitch purl wise with yarn held in back; repeat until end of round.

I tried doing it and I’m definitely not doing it correctly because I’m not making any increases; I still end up with 70 stitches by the end of the round.

I did look at this video demo of a purl below:

but I guess I’m not seeing how that would make any increases. I’m not sure how the “slip one stitch purl wise” would produce any increases either. If anyone sees where the increasing would take place, please let me know. Thanks so much!

That’s not a purl below increase video, that’s for doing Fisherman’s rib/brioche. Look at the KLL/KRL videos, it shows the inc as a knit stitch, but you do it the same for purls. You actually will purl into the purl bump of the stitch below the next one on the needle to make the new stitch, then for this pattern only, you slip the stitch that is on the left needle.


So I’m going to take a guess and assume the pattern maker wants me to slip the stitch purl wise instead of dropping it after purling into the stitch below. That’s the only way I can manage to form an increase. It’s really confusing because every tutorial I’ve seen demonstrates sliding the stitch off the left needle after purling into the row below.

Maybe it’s just me, but this pattern is definitely the most strangely worded and vague out of any I’ve seen. It says it’s for beginners to advanced beginners which I am (maybe intermediate beginner), but I’ve never had to unravel my work so many times in my life. Guess I just need to brush up on my terms!

Thanks Suzeeq!

So If I’m understanding you correctly, I should purl into the row below and instead of slipping the stitch off the left need, slip it purl wise with the yarn in back? The rows below are all knits so there’s unfortunately no purl bump to purl into

There’s a purl bump on the WS of the knit stitch, that’s what you purl into. Maybe if you think of it as purling into the right leg of the knit stitch below the one on the needle? In that case look at KRL on the increases page, except you’ll be purling into it, which you need to do with the yarn in front. Not sure if you leave it there to slip the stitch though. It would help to have a link to the pattern to see if this purl row is on the RS, or is a transition row for the brim or what.

Awesome, I get it now! I just knitted the whole welted band and all looks pretty good so far, so I think I was able to purl into the back purl bump correctly.

The link to my pattern is here:

It’s all just decreasing until the end from now on so should be smooth sailing from here. I’ll post a picture of the finished product if I can get it to felt properly. I’ve never felted anything before so we’ll see.

Thanks again, you’ve been a big help!

Great! :thumbsup:

This is a video for purl right loop which will work for your increases. After step 4 instead of purling the original stitch on the left needle, slip it. Thanks for the pattern link. It’s a very pretty hat.