Need help with a cable pattern, rep every foll 6th row

I am making a cable sweater, which has 20 rows to complete the cable pattern, I am confused, after completing the 20 rows I assumed that I just repeat it until the amount required for size, but it says “From 1st to 20th row sets C6B cable patt and twisted cable patt between asterisks, working C6B cable patt in next and every foll 6th patt row” Somebody please help I am at a stand still. Thanks

Cables don’t cross every row so I think it’s just a reminder to work the C6B cable every 6th row.

cable patt is every alternate row, so do I just continue doing the 20 rows of patt until I am at the right size? I know I have make sure to do the dec.

That should work. Though if you have a link to the pattern that would be better to go by.

Sorry I do not have a link, thank you for your helpf