Need help with a bootie pattern!

I’m making the booties from the Patons Baby jacket and Bootees from the free project sheets on the Spotlight website. I got up to break off yarn under the divide for instep heading. Honestly I have no clue what to do for the rest of that heading i don’t understand which part/parts its asking me to knit. HELP!

It says:
with right side facing, join yarn to inside edge were sts were left, knit up 11 sts along side of instep, knit across 11 instep sts, knit up 11 sts along other side of instep, then knit across rem 10 sts… 53 stitches.
At the moment I have the 31 stitches with 21 on the left needle and 10 on the right needle.

The 11 stitches are among the ones on your left needle, I think you just finished knitting them, that’s the instep. Then ‘knit up’ means take another end of yarn and pick up sts along one side of them, adding to the 10 sts on the right needle, knit across the 11 sts, and pick up sts on the other side of the instep, and then knit the 10 sts left at the end of the row.

It’s confusing when you’re first starting out. The instep is the top of the foot.