Need Help with 2-Color Scarf Edge

Okay, so I’m trying to design my own pattern, and I want to make it so that I can use 2 different yarns without having to carry them both up the SAME side. For me it creates a side that is too tight (incredibly tight, not just a little tighter) to compare to the other side. I just can’t figure out how to do two rows (one in pattern, the next in purl) without having both yarns on the same side.

The big problem is that for the first row, I’m going to be doing increases and decreases, and I want to do them on the stockinette side, not the purl side.

Anyway…if anyone knows a way to keep each yarn on its own side I would appreciate the tips and/or help.


One thing you can do is to work on double pointed needles (circular will work, but regular straight dpns long enough for the width of the scarf would be a little easier) and do however many rows you want in the first color and then slide the stitches to the other end of the needle. Take the second color and if the side facing you is knit, knit the row, if it is purl, purl the row. Work back and forth with the second color catching in the first color over on it’s side of the scarf as you go. End working with the second color on the opposite side you did from the first color. Then slide the stitches back to the other end and go again.

I’m not sure about how the increases and decreases will go, but maybe you can figure out how to keep them all worked on knit rows.