Need help wit moss stitch pattern


i working through my pattern for a baby coat but i am new to moss stitch and i am stuck again.

i have a row ere were i have to moss3, k2, k2 tog,y.fwd, k3, moss 2

i can do this but i just wanted to check, when i do my moss 2 on the end i have 2 k stiches facing me. Do i then P both of these or do a P and then a knit.

my understanding of the moss is that i do the opisite of the stich that is facing me.

thanks in advance

That’s odd, on the previous row you would have done the moss st on them too, right? So then you’d have a knit and p facing you. So I guess you’d do k then p.

thanks again for ur help.

on the prev row i have been swapping the k7 for a p7
so thats why tere are two purls