Need help w/ sweater. Q #5,264

How pathetic am I? I’m only on row 2 :rofl:

Okay here’s the pattern for row 2: K1, *yo, k3tog, yo, p4; rep from *, end k1

Okay here’s my question, I did the k1, yo, k3tog, yo, p4. Now when I go and repeat the sts for the 2nd round of sts I go back to the yo from the p4, but I have to put the working yarn to the back anyway to do the k3tog so I’m not getting the extra stitch from the yarn over and then I do the yo again and then I have to purl anyway.

Do you see what I’m saying?? Let me know if I need to reword it for you.

TIA. :heart:

I think I understand what you’re asking…

P4, then put your yarn over the top of the needle and k3tog, then wrap your yarn all the way over the needle again and put it in front for the p4. That should give you holey' stitches, aka YOs. Think of a YO as making a knit or purl stitch without inserting your right needle into a stitch on the left needle. Like anair’ stitch… :teehee:


When you are doing a yarn over between a purl stitch and a knit stitch, you have to bring the yarn to the back by bringing it over the right needle. As long as you don’t let that strand come off the right needle while you do your K3tog, you will have made your increase.

When doing a yarn over between a knit stitch and a purl stitch, you will bring the yarn forward between the needles, take it back over the right needle, and then forward again between the needles. You’ll have made one new loop over the right needle and are ready to purl the next stitch.

Oh my goodness, I’m confused, but I’ll re-read your replies and try again. Thank you for your help.


Okay, I need some help again, but this is an easy question for ya’ll. So I finished the first 11" of the pattern, the next step is a decreased row.

Next (dec) row (RS) k1, *k1, k2tog, k1, p3; rep from *, end k1–110 sts. Cont in pat st #2 until it measures …

Well I did this row just fine, but for me to do the next pattern st, I’d be on the WS row and it says to start on the RS. :wall: :wall:

Is it okay to start the 2 pattern st on the wrong side?? :?? :??

I believe you would purl the WS row. If I am correct, you only decrease on the right side or knit row usually.

Hope I’m right on this!

Thanks for the reply but I still don’t understand. :pout: I’m not decreasing anymore, it was just that one row. I’m starting a new pattern stitch and it says to start it on the RS, but I’m starting on the WS.

Does that make sense?

Thanks again for any help. :heart:

I believe you would purl the WS row that you’re on and then begin the pattern stitch on the RS. I hope that helps.

Really?? Why don’t they tell you that in the pattern? :wall: :wall:

So I purl everything, huh? I’ll give it a go, thanks for helping me again, I’m just not good at this stuff yet. :aww:

Which pattern stitch is it? Can you type out some of the pattern where you are now and what you just finished doing?

I know that when I’ve gotten help on patterns, the teacher has always said that the pattern writer assumes that the knitter knows certain things that aren’t stated in said pattern. In other words, they don’t always tell you everything, if that makes sense. It’s assumed that you know… which isn’t always the case I’ve found. I hope I’m not totally confusing you. :pout:

It does state in the pattern that you do the dec row on the RS, so after that row you’d continue as usual beginning with the next row which is the WS.


I guess then you should trust the pattern as Ingrid always says.

Here’s what I’ve done so far: k1, *k4, p3; rep from * end k1.

Row 2: k1, *yo, k3tog, yo, p4; rep from *, end k1

So I did this for the first number of inches it says to then I got to that decrease line, which I think I typed in another post. I did it on the RS. So I stopped the first pattern stitch on the WS. Then is says to Continue in pattern St #2 until piece measures…so many inches

So it never says to do that next row as a purl row or anything and I did what you said to do.

Does that make any sense? So I just started the 2nd row of the 2nd pattern st on the WS and it worked out perfectly.

Meaning where you said to purl, I did the 2nd row of the 2nd pattern stitch.

:passedout: I’m exhausted just trying to explain it to you. :teehee:


Okay, so I’ve written out the pattern for the arm shaping. After I’m done doing the decreases for the armhole it says to Work even until armhole measures 10".

Does this mean to keep doing the same pattern I was doing before I started the arm shaping? I think it does but wanted to ask before I attempted it again.



Yes. Work even means to continue in the pattern without doing increases or decreases.


Okeedoke!! On to my next question:

(I am doing the neck and shoulder shaping now that I’ve finished the armhole shaping.)

Here’s what I’m supposed to do. BO 8 sts at beg of next 2 rows (i can do that) then BO 8 sts at the beg on next 4 rows and AT THE SAME TIME, BO center 24 sts and working both sides separatetly, BO 2 sts from each neck edge twice.



You’ll use another yarn end so you can work both sides with different strands of yarn.

BO 8 sts, knit to the center sts, drop your yarn, pick up a new yarn end and BO the center sts, then finish the row. Next row - BO 8sts, work to the center, drop yarn, pick up the first strand of yarn, BO the 2 stitches at the nect and finish the row. Next row - BO 8 sts, knit to center, drop yarn, pick up the other strand and BO 2 sts, work to end of row. Next row - BO 8 sts, work to center, pick up other yarn, work to end. That should take care of it.



Okay, I’ll give your instructions a try.

Thank you so much for your help. :heart: :heart: :hug: :hug: