Need Help w/ slipper pattern

I’m making this pattern for felted slippers…
I’ve never used a provisional edge but figured that out. Now I’m completely confused.
I’ve done the whole first section and cut off. Now it’s telling me to long tail cast on 14 stitches and pick up my original stitches. I’m SO confused. I REALLLLLLY love this pattern and want to get the hang of it but I"m afraid it’s over my head. Any help is appreciated.
This is where I’m getting confused…
[I]Sides of Slipper:
Remove waste yarn and pick up stitches from the cast-on edge. Turn the piece so that
the last knit row is facing you. In other words, you are going to start working again on
the opposite side of the piece from where you last left off.
Using a long-tail cast-on, cast on 14 stitches, knit the 15 stitches picked up from the
original cast on, remembering to untwist the ones that were twisted in the cast-on, pick
up and knit 2 stitches from the toe end, knit the 15 stitches on the other side of the
slipper, cast on 14 more stitches (using the tail you left when you broke the yarn

After starting and ripping out 3 times, I finally figured it out. The first slipper is in the washer right now felting. Fingers crossed it comes out 1/2 and good as it is in the picture. LOVE the looks of the one in the pattern.