Need help w/ pattern knitting top on down

I am setting up the raglan as follows:

Row 1 (WS): Purl, pm as follows, 2 front sts, pm, 1 raglan seam st, pm, 9 sleeves sts, pm, 1 raglan seam st, pm, 41 back sts, pm, 1 raglan seam st, pm, 9 sleeve sts, pm, 1 raglan seam st, pm, 2 front sts

Row 2 (RS): *knit to marker, YO, slip marker, k1, slip marker, YO; rep from across, then knit to end

[I]Continuing in St st, working a YO before & after marked st [every other row] 27 more times and at the same time inc 1 st at each neck edge [every 4th row] 18 times, then [every other row] 17 times.[/I]

What I did was wrote up to 27 rows on a piece of paper and on every other row I wrote down YO to remind when I need to do this, so I actually have 13 rows where I have YO’s. Now when I do this I inc every 4th row 18 times at the same time as I am doing the YO, (this is where I get confused) do I just go up to the 18th row or do I inc every 4th row going beyond the 27 rows & if I have calculated correctely it would be 72 rows in the pattern until I have increased 1 stitch 18 times, and once I have done that I would do the ST st 34 more times to do the 1 incr every other row, making it a total of 106 rows.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the pattern says to inc at neck edges by working M1 inc after 1st st and before last st, but where is the neck edge? I should mention that I am using circular needles but knitting back & forth as you would on straight needles.

Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks!


It sounds like a V neck and the neck edge is really going to be at the front, or both ends of each row. You make the YOs every other row, and the increases are at the beg and end of the row every 4th row. You do the first 2 rows as given, row 3 is purled, then on Row 4 you inc on the ends as well as the YOs. Row 6 will be the YOs only, row 8 will be like row 4 (it’s the 4th row from the last one) and you do both the YOs and incs at each end. Do that until you have made the incs at the ends of the row 18 times (which should be about 72 rows or so). Then you begin doing the incs at the ends of the row every time you do a YO. That will be another 34 rows.

I don’t count total rows, I just go by how many since the last increase. After a couple inches you’ll be able to see how it works out.

Yes, it is a V neck. Thanks for the help Sue, I can now move on!