Need help w/ inc directions

Semi-confused…can someone please clarify what this means:
Cast on 68, working in st st inc 1 st each side every (alternate 2nd and 4th row) for a total of 6 times (80)

What does the alternate 2nd and 4th rows mean? Do I only inc every other row?

I would think it means this. Say the first row that you increase on is called row 1. So you would increase one stitch each side on row 1, row 3, row 7, row 9, row 13, and row 15. So you are alternating between every 2 rows and every 4 rows, a total of 6 increase rows which should bring you to 80 stitches.

That’s how I would interpret it anyways, maybe someone else has another opinion.

That’s the way I always interpret this kind of direction, too.

Thanks ladies! :smiley: That makes so much more sense! I’ve only followed a few simple patterns, so it’ll take a little while to get used to reading and interpreting them.