Need help w/ Baby Bonnet - Decreasing

I’m making this cute baby bonnet for a cousin’s newborn. So far all is working well. I’m at the crown shaping, and my stitch counts are correct, however as I transition from R1/R2 to R3, while my stitch counts are right (48) for [6/9 months], I ended up w/ K5.

R3: k2, k2tog., k4,[COLOR=“Red”] k4 [1-4-1][/COLOR] (= 46 [48-51-53] sts.).

What does:

k4 [1-4-1] (= 46 [48-51-53] sts.

mean? I did K4 and I still had 1 stitch left.

I went back and counted again, after R2, I had 57 stitches. After R3, and K5, I had 48 stitches.

The direction:
R3: k2, k2tog., k4, k4 [1-4-1] (= 46 [48-51-53] sts.).
means that you should
R3: k2, k2tog., k4, k1 (48sts total at the completion of the row).
The row starts with 57sts and at the end you should have 48sts. There should be 9 repeats of the instructions between the asterisks.