Need help understating bag\strap pattern

I am working on a bag. I have completed the strap and I am now adding stitches to make the band and the body of the bag, this will be worked in the round. I co the first 46 stitches and an confused on the next 47 and what the join is. Here is the pattern I am confused on.

With the 14 sts you already have on your needle, we’re now going to co 46 more stitches.

Note: Recommend using a*Knitted Cast On

Pick up the 14 sts on the other end of the strap. Be sure it is not twisted!

co 47 more sts and join to the 1st st. You need an odd number of sts to do this part, which is why we cast on 46 and then 47 sts.

k 11 rounds in*seed st.

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You have the 14sts from one end of the strap plus 46 cast on sts on the needle. Next you want to pick up 14sts across the initial cast on edge of the strap (the other end of the strap). Be sure that the strap isn’t twisted. After that, cast on 47sts for a total of 121sts. At this point, join to knit in the round. You’ll be joining the last cast on st to the first live stitch of the strap.