Need help understanding

Hi I’m making gloves and I’m at the thumb and it says this: On the next row knit the first 6 sts. Then, put these 6 sts AND the last 6 sts of the row onto a scrap piece of yarn. (These 12 sts are for the thumb, which you’ll knit later). Knit to the end of the row.

Does this mean you put the last 6 stitches on the scrap of yarn unknitted? If so seems like it would be uneven when worked again. Thanks.

Are you using double pointed needles or magic loop?If you are using magic loop , slip the first 6 stitches on to waste yarn and knit until the last six stitches and put these on waste yarn. No, they will be worked to make the thumb. Just trust the pattern it will work.

I’m using double pointed needles so follow same instructions and don’t knit last 6? Thanks

The first 6 and last 6 stitches will be picked up and knitted to make the thumb. You cast on a couple of extra stitches to make the gusset area between the fingers . This photo is of a pair of gloves I made using magic loop.

If you were doing this on a circular needle, you’d see that the 6 stitches you just knitted and the 6 stitches from the last needle were all knitted in a row. They are the 12 stitches most recently knitted.

The last 6 stitches on the previous row were knitted. You’ll knit them again when you pick up the stitches and start knitting them for the thumb.

Those 12 stitches were the last 12 stitches you knit, and they were knitted right in a row, even though they were on two needles.

I hope this helps.