Need help understanding this hat pattern


I started knitting this hat, and I just don’t understand :gah:

It says:
Continue in pattern like this, AT THE SAME TIME work shortened rows, back and forth on needle, with start from RS as follows: * 2 rows on all sts, 2 rows on 36-40 sts, 2 rows on 34-38 sts, 2 rows on 31-35 sts *, repeat from -.

I am guessing they mean short rows?
I don’t understand how I am supposed to do a short row on all stitches in just 2 rows? Or am I just being confused?

Help will be much appreciated!

You can do short rows alternating with rows with all the sts. That sounds like what this does. Do 2 rows all the way across, 2 short rows, 2 rows with a few more sts, 2 rows on less sts, then work across all the sts again.

I think I understand! I will give it a try and see how it turns out.