Need help understanding pattern

I’m new to knitting and can’t figure out this pattern. I am starting with 42 stitches.
Row 1 - k4, [k2tog] 3x, [yo, k1] 5x, yo, *[k2tog] 6x, [yo, k1] 5x, yo, * repeat to last 10 sts, [k2tog] 3x, k4.

I know that the stitch in the brackets is repeated by the multiple following the bracket. I know * means repeat, but not sure what I’m repeating the stich before or after the *? “repeat to last 10 sts”, repeat what? I’ve tried this several different ways, can any one make it more clear for me?
Thanks, r2schroeder

you should repeat the stiches from the first *to the 2nd *.

You start with k4, k2tog 3 times, (yo,k1) 5 times, yo, then
you [“knit 2 tog” 6 times, (yo,k1) 5 times, yo], then you repeat what I put between brackets until you come to the 10 last stitches, then you k2tog 3 times and k4.

Does that make sense?

Thanks for your help. I followed what you said, the weird thing is that once I go through the instructions, I never have to repeat because I’m at the last 10 stitches without the repeat.

Is it a shawl or something that increases in width? That will have you repeating the stitches after a few rows.

OK, same pattern, new problem. I,m trucking along, feel great, have to go back and correct a few dropped or added stitches, but over all doing good. Then I’ve got the scarf about eight inches long and my pattern is showing up on the wrong side, what have I done?

You forgot a row or did the same one twice on one of the plain knit or purl rows.

Are you sure it is the wrong side? Is part of the pattern on one side and part of the pattern on the other side?
Then you might have missed a row or done row twice,…