Need Help Understanding Pattern

Hello :slight_smile:

I am working on a tweet beret and am almost finished. I am on my decreasing round right now, and need help understanding what the pattern is asking me to do.

The pattern calls for: “Work to first purl st, k2tog, work in rib patt to last purl st before m, k2tog, sl m; rep from around–16sts dec’d.” (I have a total of 160 st total, 20 between each marker, 8 markers).

This is what I ended up doing. I probably should have asked before I did it, huh? :slight_smile:

I took it to mean that I would knit until I saw the first purl from the last row. (It was only knitting one stitch because the last row was done it a rib knitting). Then I knit 2 together, and did a rib knitting until I got to my final purl before the marker. I did not purl that stitch, but used it for the next k2tog. Is that correct? It worked out so that I had knitted a purl stitch from the last row, and purled a knitted stitch from the last row.

I am kind of unsure what to do for the next row now. Does that mean I will knit two stitches and then k2tog and then begin the ribbing stitching again?

This is my first hat I’ve ever knitted :). I am excited.
Here is a picture if it helps.
The pattern is from the Interweave Knit magazine.

Thanks for all the help!

I think it sounds like you did it right. As for the next row, you’ll probably work in the rib pattern again; it should say in the pattern.