Need help understanding pattern

I am working on a child’s sweater I found at - it is the “Very Easy Child’s Sweater and Hat (2003)”.

I am about halfway done with the sweater, and am at the point in the pattern where I am working to get the 6 3/4 inches before joining the neckline.

After that part of the pattern, I get lost. I understand the part about working 6 rows in garter stitch, but the instructions after that do not make any sense to me at all. I know I can’t quote the pattern, but if anyone could take a look at it and explain to me how it is supposed to work after that, I’d really appreciate it. The part starting with then 6 rows keeping garter stitch at ends and yoke etc. What part is the yoke? :??

I can understand the first part of the pattern as it gives me specific instructions as to how many stitches to knit and purl, but this part is leaving me hanging. :oops:

Any help would be MOST welcome!!!


Since the second half of the sweater is meant to be a mirror image of the first half, you can often use that as a gauge to see if you are working out your numbers correctly. To me, yoke means “neck section”, so that would be the portion that goes over the shoulder.

I will do my best to explain the pattern, and what is going on. You have been knitting a front and a back seperately, but at the same time, and are now ready to join them back together to finish off the body side and get ready for the second sleeve.

Once you get to the 6¾" mark, you will need to make sure that you finish with a WS row. You will then knit all the stitches to the end of the first piece, cast on 4 sts, and then continue on the other piece… effectively joining them. You will do 6 rows of garter stitch. Then you will do the garter/ stockinette sections as you did at the beginning, – knit 5, 28 in stockinette, knit 38, 28 in stockinette, and knit 5. You will continue in this manner, reversing the instructions that you had at the beginning.

Clear as mud? If you have any more troubles, just holler!

OK, so basically I follow the same k5, p28, k38, p28, k5 that I did in the beginning? I don’t have to reverse the knits and purls, correct?

I’m not sure how I did this, either, but somewhere along the line I ended up with the edge band of garter stitch, 6 rows of stockinette, another band of about 6 rows of garter stitch, and the rest in stockinette. As you can see from the picture, that obviously isn’t right, but I’m leaving it in anyway. Besides not wanting to rip all that out when I found it, I figure it will make it truly one of a kind - and if the other side doesn’t turn out the same way, it will be even more so. LOL!!!

You’ve got it… reverse the directions in regards to measurements and number of rows, but don’t change the stitches. And if you have bands of stockinette and such, you can duplicate it on the second side and call it a design element! :thumbsup:

Thanks a million!!! I figured it pretty much had to be the same thing as the other side, but the way the directions were written it really threw me. “Repeat such and such rows” I would have grasped.

Maybe I can get this baby finished up now.

Again, many thanks!!!

You are very welcome… and dont’ forget to show it to use when you’re done! :thumbsup: