Need help understanding pattern. Please help!

Hi I am making my first hat. I am using the magic loop method, and I am confused about something. This pattern I am using is for magic loop so it divides the pattern by rounds. I was instructed to cast on with 120 stitches. Since I am doing magic loop I divided at 60 stitches. My pattern for the cabling section says Round 1: 2/2LC, P2, 2/2RC. (20 sts). The part that is confusing me is the (20 sts). Does that mean I am going to end up doing round one three times? Since I have 60 stitches per round? It just doesn’t say repeat on any of these instructions, and obviously I have more than 20 stitches. Please help!!

Thank you!!!

That sounds like what it means…repeat 3 times for a total of 60 sts per side. Can you post the name and pattern link if possible? There are a lot of hat patterns.

There is no link to the pattern because you have to be a member of their website, and then they email you the pattern PDF. Which doesn’t allow you to copy it. It’s called the Rilo hat. Here’s a picture of it

I’m pretty sure it’s just telling you that each repeat takes 20 stitches.