Need help understanding pattern part 2 :)

I’m still working on my Little Black Dress with Pearls for my puppy. Here is what the pattern says and what I’m kind of confused on is in red:

(After binding off…)From WS, pick up approximately 40 sts along bottom edge. Turn to RS. K1, M1 to end of row. Next row (WS), purl. Repeat these two rows. Work 4 additional rows in st st. On next row (RS), bind off.

[COLOR=“Red”]Approximately 1" up, with RS facing and garment facing you with beginning row at top and previous ruffle at bottom, pick up sts as before. Repeat as above for a second ruffle.[/COLOR]

I’m not quite wrapping my head around this… this is a link to the full pattern with pictures if it helps. Thanks in advance for helping a newbie figure this out! :heart:

I’ve done that dress before, minus the pearls. Basically what it’s saying is 1" up from the begginning of the first ruffle you made, you pick up stitches and make a second ruffle. So 1" up from the bind-off.

ETA: So basically you made the first ruffle, the second ruffle would be made above the first one.

After you do the first ruffle turn the “dress” over to the right side. Have the ruffle you made at the bottom and the cast on edge for the “dress” at the top. Go one inch up above where the bottom ruffle started and holding your working yarn behind the fabric, insert your right needle into the middle of the St st at the right edge and yarn around pulling a loop of the yarn up from behind your fabric back through the middle of the St st onto your needle. Continue doing that in a straight line across the 35 (40, 45) stitches you have for the “dress”. Now use those stitches to make another ruffle just like the first one.

Awesome! It totally makes sense now… Thanks so much guys!!! :slight_smile: