Need help understanding pattern Hugs and kisses Hand Warmers

I am working on the Hugs and Kisses Handwarmers from 101 one skein wonders to learn cables and how to make a thumb…but I am stuck

I don’t understand the instructions and am starting to wonder if I did something wrong.

It said to put a marker after the 6th stitch and the 18th…did that…in between those two markers is the xo cable pattern…when I started, I started on the last stitch not the first…is that wrong??? so on stitch number 40 working backwards, the reason I ask cause the next instructions are…

Row 21: Work as established to 4 stitches after cable marker, place marker for gusset, Kfb twice, place 2nd gusset marker, K7,P1,K8
Well before this row, I was doing stockinette stitch outside the markers and a cable pattern in between…do I continue with that? do I ignore the cable pattern part? and it just seems like a weird place to be working on a gusset in the middle of the cable…did I start this project backwards? and will it be screwed up? It looks good so far. If anyone understands what I am trying to say I would greatly appreciate some advice. Thanks!!!

I’m not sure that I can help without more pattern info. But this picture may help.

If it looks like it’s working, you must be doing it okay…