Need help understanding my pattern

Hi, i just got this pattern for a bookmark and i’m a bit confused:
1-3 rows: knit
row 4 and all even rows: k3, p8, k3
row 5: k5, yo, k2tog,k1, yo, k2tog, k4
row 7: k across
repeat rows 5-8 until desired length, ending with row 7,.

my problem is that if i do the row 7 as k across then i go 8th one as a k i don’t understand how i’m to put another like row 7 in? i just don’t understand, so i hope that someone can shed some light.


It helps me to actually write out every row:

  1. Knit every stitch
  2. Knit every stitch
  3. Knit every stitch
  4. k3, p8, k3
  5. k5, yo, k2tog, k1, yo, k2tog, k4
  6. k3, p8, k3
  7. Knit every stitch
  8. k3, p8, k3

Once you’ve completed these 8 rows, you will be repeating rows 5 through 8, until you reach your desired length (making sure you end in row 7, row where you knit every stitch on your needle). So row 9 will be the same as row 5, row 10 will be the same as row 6, row 11 will be the same as row 7, row 12 will be the same as row 8… and so on.

Does that clarify it for you?

Knit both rows 7 and 8, then repeat rows 5, 6, 7, and 8. When it’s as long as you want, the last row will be Row 7.

thanks! that helps alot… i knew i was just missing something.:slight_smile: