Need help understanding end of pattern

Hey, still knitting this stuffed toy, (a clanger). I got a question about it answered before, and I’m almost done! But no matter how I interpret it, the last rows don’t seem to line up.

Here is the section of the pattern:

[B]7th Row:[/B] K16, k2tog, k3, k2tog, k10, k2tog, k3, k2tog, k16 - [B]52 sts[/B]
[B]8th Row:[/B] P to end.
For legs: [B]1st row:[/B] Cast off 5 sts, k another 15 sts, cast off next 10 sts, k to end.
[B]2nd Row:[/B] Cast off 5 sts, p another 15 sts, turn.

Ss 6 rows on these 16 sts.
Cast off.

With wrong side facing, rejoin yarn to remaining 16 sts, and ss 7 rows.
Cast off.

There the pattern ends. Everything up to the 52 sts mark comes out correctly; my problem comes at the end of the second row. When the knitting is turned, the sts I am supposed to work on do not equal 16, and looking at the pattern I do not see how they could. I also don’t understand how to work back and forth on those sts for the ss 6 rows what with slipping the first stitch when I turn like you are supposed to.

I would love some help with this. Thank you!

How crucial is one stitch on the BO? Maybe it would be OK to just finish it as is. What’s a clanger?

When you finish rows 7, 8 and 1 you’ll have 37sts. The on row 2, cast off 5sts. You’ll have 32sts total: 31sts will be on the left needle and one stitch will remain on the right needle (a leftover from the bind off of 5sts). Now the pattern says to knit another 15sts so that’s 16sts on the right needle (and 16sts on the left needle). Turn as if you were at the end of the row and stockinette stitch on these 16sts. If the pattern wants you to slip the first stitch, go ahead, otherwise, proceed with the stockinette for 6rows.
We always called an unfortunate remark dropped in conversation, a clanger but I’m thinking these are what you mean.

Those clangers are cute!

Yeah, they are aren’t they? They are from a british kids tv show, and they were animated. :slight_smile:

Thank you salmonmac, I think I understand the discrepancy now. Although I thought you had to slip the first stitch when turning the knitting, to get the working yarn back on the right side? And wouldn’t you have to do that on every row of the ss, because you would be turning at the end of each row?

You can move the yarn to the front to purl the row or to the back to knit the row without slipping the first stitch. If you [I]want[/I], you can slip the first stitch and it will give you a neater, chained edge. That’s especially nice if the edges are exposed in the finished clanger. If the edges are seamed however, the neat edge will just be folded into the seam.