Need help understanding double knitting pattern!

I don’t understand how the brackets represent the “double knitting portion”…isn’t it all double knitting?? I can’t begin to understand how that part is the only double knitted part (I’m new to double knitting). I’m really lost…if anyone has a minute I’d really be grateful to be pointed in the right direction :neutral_face:

Welcome to KH!
This may be easier to try on the needles. The pattern uses circular knitting and I-cord in addition to double knitting. Try following the directions as given and you’ll likely find that the double knitting in brackets forms as you work the rows.

Thank you for welcoming me! I’ve tried it as directed like 11 times lol. I don’t know what it means still. Indon’t double knit and then add a new thread when the brackets come in, and then I double those? Or are we supposed to double the whole time…

The way this works is that on one row you slip every other stitch. On the next row you slip every other stitch and knit the slipped sts from the previous row. You don’t have to add in another strand of yarn.

Thank you for replying I’m sorry I didn’t respond immediately. I think I’m too inexperienced for this pattern, I started with another project that is more simple