Need help understanding Debbie Bliss pattern, please


I’m working on Hooded Jacket pattern from Debbie Bliss’ book [I]Simply Baby.[/I] I’ve come to a point in the pattern where I’m confused about what I’m supposed to do. This is a buttonhole row, as follows:
K2, K2tog, yo2, skp, work to end, [B]dec as set[/B]. It’s the bold portion I’m confused about. What does “dec as set” mean? Am I supposed to decrease somewhere near the end of my row?

Next row, Work to end, [B]working twice into yo2[/B]. Work 6 more rows, dec on the next row and 2 foll right side rows as set. How do I work into the yo2?

I’m trying to get this knit for my niece before her birthday party (today), which I don’t think I’m going to complete. :frowning: I’d appreciate any help. Thanks!

`As set’ refers to an established pattern. You have “K2, K2tog, yo2, skp” that’s the pattern, so at then end of the row work it on the last 6 sts, but in reverse - skp, yo2, k2tog, k2. The next row, when you come to the double YOs, work each of them as if they were separate stitches.

Thanks a bunch, I’m going to give it a try. Reading it over, I have another question. When I work the 6 more rows, decreasing on the right side rows, which decrease do I use? The k2tog? Or the whole set as before- k2, k2tog, yo2, skp? (won’t the yo2 give me a hole in my work? There is only one button at the very top, near the neck, not down the whole length of the sweater).

Work 6 rows, on the next row, do the buttonhole row (which isn’t really a dec row, the number of sts stay the same, the YOs offsets the decs) the same as on this row. But it’s not usual to make buttonholes on every other row, is that how the picture looks? If it’s just a regular dec, then do it the same way without the YOs.

Here is a link to a picture of the hooded sweater by Debbie Bliss. This is another picture.

I’ve already done the back, front sides and worked the decreases to make the decorative pattern around the sleeves. Now I’m working on the part where the button is and the hood is next. Does the pattern make sense to you, seeing the picture?

I thought I was doing so well up until this point, too. Thanks for your input!

I’m wondering if the direction to “dec as set” is referring to some other decrease you have already established as a pattern, for instance for the armhole shaping or the front shaping or something? It wouldn’t make sense in this case to make buttonholes all across the sweater. You only want those at the edge. If it is like that it would mean to keep doing the other decreases you already have going and work the buttonholes spaced apart 6 rows plus the one row right after the buttonhole.

I wanted to comment on working into the two yarn overs. When you come to the two yarn overs loops from the previous row, purl into one the normal way and try purling into the back loop of the second one. I think that will work better. To do that you need to enter the second loop from the back with the right needle entering the loop with the needle tips pointing the same direction. It’s a little hard to explain. One thing you can do to help get it is to turn the work around (don’t exchange hands, just twist it around so you look at the back of the work), and move the RH needle into the loop from right to left, then twist it back to normal and finish purling it from there. When you mentioned working double yarn overs I remembered there was some trick to it and that I found I couldn’t do it what seemed to me the most straightforward way. I hope this helps.

It says to work to the end, then do dec as set, which I take to mean do the buttonhole at one end, work across, and do the buttonhole at the other end, only you’d reverse the sts so you’d end up with k2 at the very edges.

Aaaaand, there’s only one button so why would you need a buttonhole on both ends?

I think though, it means do the buttonhole, work to the end of the row and do the decs as you’ve been doing them for the rest of the pattern. That’s the dec pattern as set - the decreases that you’ve been doing all along.

Make sense now? Hope so. I’ve heard that DB patterns are tough to figure out, now I see why… I like that pattern though, am requesting the book through the library for it; need a jacket pattern for me.

:chair: This has really got us going hasn’t it. I think Suzie has it right. No need for a buttonhole at each end even though reading the pattern could lead you to believe that is what they say.

I have checked that book out from the library and made a couple of things out of it. I have heard some people “cuss” DB patterns and even say they would not use them, but hey, they are so cute. :wink: I didn’t go look at the picture before I spoke, above. :oops: Yep, only one buttonhole. I didn’t make this sweater, but made two of the rolled edge jackets, and the doggie booties.

Okay, I get it now! The established dec I have been doing is k2tog, k3, skp, so I guess that’s what I’ll do.

This is the 3rd Debbie Bliss sweater I’ve done so far. With the previous two sweaters, I’ve also needed help. Her patterns are somewhat unclear in parts, but yes, they are so cute.

Thanks a bunch, I appreciate the help!