Need help understanding Aran pattern terminology

Hi all. I am fairly new to knitting and am thinking of adding a bit of Aran stitch or cable to my next project. My question is what does it mean when the pattern says multiple of 2 (or whatever number) +1 (or whatever number). I understand the first number as the repeating part of the pattern… but what does the + whatever number mean?
Thanks for any help understanding it.

Multiply by 2…and add 1 to the total.


If it were mult of 3+1…


ETA: BTW, if you’re new to the concept, and planning to add various st patts, cables, try to use ones that are equally divisible in their row counts. For ex, if your largest cable has a 12-row repeat, try to use other st patts or cables with 2-, 4- or 6-row reps. Rather than one that’s 8. By using the common divisibles the 12-row rep will end at the same time as the others, making for less confusion.

Thank you for the tip on the using the common divisibles.
Just to be sure I understand the + thing though, the + part is to make the pattern look complete at the end/beginning? Also, the + part is not part of the repeat number when trying to find other common divisibles correct?

That’s right, the plus may be an edge st or be needed to complete the st pattern, and you don’t multiply it, just add on to the multiple of the other number. So a multiple of 8 plus 3, would be 19, 27, 35, etc.

Also, the + part is not part of the repeat number when trying to find other common divisibles correct?

Your initial question had to do with STITCH count (across the row horizontally). My info on divisibles has to do with ROW repeats (vertically). You might have a st patt that calls for a mult of 2+1 (across the row) but that has nothing to do with the number of rows it covers.

Cables, given the number of rows they req to complete the twist, etc, are what I’m making ref to in terms of divisibles.

Thanks! I think I’ve finally gotten it straight in my mind. Had to reread a bit because most of the Aran patterns I was looking at were square in pattern 2 stitches and 2 rows etc or 4st and 4 rows, etc…I blame being dense on not having enough coffee.
goes to find a cup :wink:
Thanks again so much.