Need Help understanding a pattern

Ok…after MUCH trouble yesterday with my gauge…I FINALLY got it and I am ready to start on my pattern.

With smaller needles, cast on 38 (42) sts.
Row 1 Knit.
Row 2 Purl.
Cont in St st, inc 1 st at each edge every 6th row (on Knit row) three times. Work until piece measures 8 (10) in. 44 (48) sts.

Ok, now, I know I knit one row, then purl the other, then I continue doing that…

I get confused when it says…

inc 1 st at each edge every 6th row (on Knit row) three times

does that mean, I just increase it one stitch, every six rows (making sure it’s on the knit row) but what does the three times mean? I’m confused…can you tell? :??

I would think that it means you increase on the 6th row (knit row)—then knit 6 more and on that sixth row do it again, and then repeat one more time. So basically you’d increase one on rows 6, 12, and 18…that’s my take on it…hope that helps.

It just means that you’ll do it three times total.

6th row, 12th row, 18th row.

I feel like a dummy lol, this isn’t making sense…

oh, so once i get to the 6th row, (and this should be a knit row, NOT a purl row) I just add a stitch? LOL

Make sure you increase at each end. So on row 7–that would be your knit row, increase at the beginning and end of the row. Do the same on rows 13 and 19.

Oooookkkk. I think I understand now…Ok, right now, all I have done is cast on, knit one row, and I just finished a purl row…so next I knit, then I purl…and once I get to the 7th row increase on both ends??? So when I finish that row, I should have 40 instead of 38 stitches?

:cheering: Yes!

YAYAYAYAY!! Thanks :muah: BUT lol, now my yarn is turned around lol, im supposed to be on my knit row I knit into the bump not the V right? does that make sense? LOL

Your knit side is the V side, the bumpy side is the purl side.

lol, im SO lost right now, Ifinally understand the increase, BUT when I took my needle out…lol in my left hand is the needle with all my stitches…my tail is in front and my working yarn is in back…where do I insert my empty needle? LOL I KNOW I shoudl know this but that increase thing threw me for a loop…

I’m not sure what you mean? Are you on a K or a P row? If a K row, have the working yarn in back, if P row, have the working yarn in front, and knit or purl as you normally would. You would insert the needle into the 1st stitch and off you go.