Need help understanding a pattern!

Hi, I’m relatively new to knitting and I’m trying to build up my skills slowly. I’m knitting my first cabled piece (a pair of socks as I’ve knitted socks before) but I’m having some trouble figuring out this part of my pattern.

So I’ve turned the heel and am now shaping the gusset. I’ve picked up my stitches and am about to knit along the inset piece; where my cable will go. The pattern says to ‘patt across all 35sts on 2nd & 3rd (instep) needles’ - I understand that this means I follow the pattern for my cable here, but the cable pattern is:

‘round 1 (rs) K39 [45], P2, K6, P2, K18 [20].
round 2 K39 [45], P2, C6B, P2, K18 [20].
rounds 3 to 8 as round 1, 6 times’

So my question is this: how am I supposed to ‘patt across all stitches’ if the pattern says to K39 before coming to the cable and I only have 35 stitches on my needles? Surely if I K39 I’ll have shifted everything over to the left and the cable will be interrupted? Or is this just a case of adjusting how many stitches I knit before beginning the cable pattern (P2, K6, P2, K18)?

The pattern is called ‘the essential cable socks’, here’s a link to it:

Apologies if this is very long winded and/ or an obvious question, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Yes, adjust the number of stitches before the cable pattern which is the cable itself and the adjoining sts (P2, C6B, P2,). You want the cable column of sts to be continuous.

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