Need help understanding a divided neck instruction

Here is the instructions: Divide for Neck: Keeping continuity of raglan shaping, work to marker, place rst 9 (9, 9, 10, 10) sts onto holder then place next 9 (9, 9, 10, 10) sts onto holder, join a new skein of yarn and work to end. Working sides separately and at the same time, bind off at each neck edge 3 sts once, 2 sts once, and 1 st once. Work even until 3 sts rem and piece is same length as Back, end wrong side row. On next right side row, K3tog and fasten off.

My question- am I to bind off on the wrong side (purl row and keep the raglan decrease going on the right side.(knit side). Or am I misunderstanding the instructions. This is from a red heart pattern called knit cabled hoodie.

You can really only bind off at the beginning of a row. One shoulder has sts bound off at the neck edge on the purl row and the other shoulder has sts bound off at the neck on the knit row.

Work to the marker, place the given number of sts on holders, join the new end of yarn and knit to the end of the row. Turn and work across to the neck edge, drop the yarn, pick up the first yarn strand and bind off 3sts then finish the row.

The raglan decreases are at the armhole edge of each shoulder so they keep going while all this bind off is occurring at the neck edges.

When you say “drop the yarn, pick up the first yarn strand” can I clarify that I am still on the purl side but I am picking up the first yarn which is on the other side of,the neck divide? And that is where I am doing the bind off on the purl side. At the neck edge of the second side? I may be completely mixed up,here because I put the second side on stitch holder so I could use the needle (I didn’t have an extra one) to work back and forth on one side and then I was going to do the second side. I guess I’m confused because the pattern said to work the sides separately. Currently I have 30 stitches on one needle followed by two stitch holders with 10 stitches each on them and then 30 stitches on a stich holder,so I can use the needle? Does that make sense? Sorry I feel really dense here. It’s my first adult sweater with a hood.

I reread your message and I think I understand. I am still just working the left side until 3 stitches remain and then will move over to the right side. Thank you so much for your help.

You’re doing really well. Yes, that’s the idea, dropping the new strand at the neck edge and picking up the original strand, binding off 3 on the purl side and finishing the row. When you turn to the knit side, work across to the neck edge, drop the original strand, pick up the new strand and bind off 3sts knitwise.
Both sides are worked separately, each with its own yarn ball but you can either do them at the same time or one shoulder at a time.