Need help understand beginning of pattern

Hi - I’m new here and so glad to find you all! I am about to begin a project but I am stuck on understanding the initial instructions. The pattern says:

Cast on 12sts. (start with a K row) I understand casting on but not "start with a K row) then it goes on to:


1 Inc 1 st at each end of row (14sts)

2 P across

How do I get to 14 sts at the end of Row 1 when its my first row after casting on 12 sts - shouldn’t this end with 13sts? Am I supposed to knit a 2 rows for the first row?

Thanks for any help :muah:

Hi, welcome to Knitting Help.

1 [B]Inc 1 st at each end of row /B

Your first row is to be knit and you increase 1 st at each end which will give you 14 sts. Your next row is to be purled.

Unless otherwise specified, you can use knit front and back (kfb) or any increase of your choice. Whatcha knittin’?

There are great videos right here on this site if you need help with the how to’s of a stitch increase. Click here.

Inc means increase. So if you have 12 stitches and increase at each end you’ll have 14.

I’m not sure about the CO question. Maybe they are counting the CO as a row? Someone will be along to help shortly. Can you link to the pattern please and give us the name of it. With thousands of patters out there we can’t understand w/o more info.

Welcome to KH!

I think the pattern just means you’re going to start with a knit row after casting on. Sometimes patterns give you too much information that you don’t need in order to make it as simple as possible, but it ends up being confusing.

I’d not do my increase in the end st, I’d do it one or two sts from the end for a nicer edge that’s much easier to work with if seaming is involved.

Ain’t that the truth! Just like some people think the more they say, the clearer it is and they just confuse me when I understood before they clarified. Then there are people like me who think explanations will just confuse the issue and don’t say enough. LOL

To me the instructions seem quite clear, cast on and then start with a knit row, inc 1 st at each end and end up with 14 sts.

Wow!!! Thanks so much for the quick responses. I do get that I should increase at each end (and appreciate the tip on increasing one to two stitches in) what I didn’t get is should row 1 really be called row 2 because how do you increase at the beginning of a cast on row - wouldn’t that simply be casting on another stitch - oh boy!!!

Here is the pattern for better clarification - I’m making cute little easter bunnies for my girls’ baskets :heart:

Thanks for your help!!!:knitting:

The cast on is row 0, but you don’t count it as a row; row 1 is the first row you knit after casting on, always.

eta - that’s a cute pattern!

Thanks for the link. It will help others help you…and I saved it for me!

Well today is a new day and I see the light! It never dawned on me that the first row could be increased as I wasn’t thinking of the bar increase I was simply thinking “if I am going to increase the first row why not just cast on more stitches” after all your replies I get it now :cheering: Hooray for me lol!!!

Thanks for all your responses. I feel like I am now that much better at knitting today! I look forward to helping others and being helped by such experienced crafters!

Thanks again,
Elizabeth now off to start that cute bunny!!!

You do understand the first row is not the cast on row, though…?

Yes thank you, that much I did understand :slight_smile:

This is a super cute pattern. My friend just had a baby, so I think I might try this. :thumbsup:

and so far it has been really easy - I am using the size 4 needles but the pattern says you can use any size needles to obtain different sizes. I think this bunny is going to be small. I am thinking of making Mama Bunnies and Mama Bears with larger needles to join the “babies” I think they’d make an adorable baby gift!!! Good luck!