Need help turning heel!

Hi knitters, thanks so much for taking to the time to help me. This is my first pair of socks and I am struggling with this “easy” pattern!

I have 24 stitches on my needle.
I cannot even figure out row one of the heel turning.

Row one: (ws) Slip 1, P___, P2 tog, P1, turn back to rs. side column says 12 sts
you will have 8 stitches unworked.

I have added an attachment of the pattern. I am right at the top, row one.

I dont know what the blank is for.
am i only knitting a few stitches on this first row? do i knit all the way across? where are the unworked stitches? on the left and right? or just on one side? I am so lost!
thanks for any advice!

you can read attachment by viewing full size …pattern, knit socks by betsy lee mccarthy

There is a sock tutorial right there that might help you figure it out. You are braver than I. :lol:

Good Luck!

that site is not working for me. some of the videos work and some dont. I have tried it on aol and on windows explorer.
thanks for the reply though. I really doappreciate it!


Hi MaryAnn,

It means:

Row one: (ws) Slip 1, P12, P2 tog, P1, turn back to rs.
You will have 8 stitches unworked.


Row one: (ws) Slip 1, P14, P2 tog, P1, turn back to rs.
You will have 10 stitches unworked.

You have to choose which size sock you are making, and depending on which size you have chosen, you will work to the numbers in either the pink column or the purple column.

Hope that helps. :smiley: Come back if you need more help.

thank you! thank you! thank you!!!
I must get back to my socks and try it!
thank you!

You’re welcome MaryAnn. Glad I could help. :smiley: