Need help trying to size my few circulars

And I do mean a few, I have a total of 8 circulars. I just bought 3 Harmonies (6,7 and 8) and they are 16 inches long. But the others, which are almost all Clover Bamboo circs, well their sizes are a bit more interesting. Check this out-sz 10 that measures 18 in., cable only 10 inches, sz 9 that measures tip to tip 29 or cable only 19, sz 6 that measures the same as 9, sz 3 that measures 24.5 or 14.5 and one Crystal Palace sz 10.5 that measures 26.5 or cable only 17. I am trying to figure out which ones are 24 or 32 inches long and the numbers are confusing me.:wall: What is wrong with universal measurements? I know I would appreciate clothes all having universal measurements, now I can add circular needles to that group! (I can see that the sz 3 is indeed in the 24 inch group but that is the only one that pops out at me)

Circulars are generally measured from tip to tip. I’m sure that your 18" should probably be a 16", the 24.5 a 24", Clover does make a 29" length. Circulars usually come 9, 11, 16, 24, 29, 32, 36, 40 and 60… they are done on production lines and as it may… sometimes there is human and machine error so the odd sizing can slip through a QC inspection or two. I would round them up to the nearest standard and since knitting is not an exact science, the off-sizing should be okay.

Thank you! I am trying to organize them on a little chart I made and I was gonna drive myself bonkers with those sizes. I am a big fan of the Harmony ones so I think I will end up buying the set as soon as I can.

Ravelry has a nifty needle chart feature that lets you type in the length and diameter of every needle you own. Then you can do a card-size printout that you can take to the store when you are shopping for more needles to round out your collection.

Don’t worry too much about variations in the length of circs. The important thing is whether you can put the right number of stitches on them. The difference between 16" and 18" is probably not significant.

I also have a clover bamboo circular size 10 which measures 18" tip to tip. It puzzled me also.

I forgot one size…47"

The one situation where you’ll find a real difference in 16" vs. 18" will be if you are making something like a baby’s hat, and it doesn’t quite fit on the 18" without stretching at the stitches, but will be fine on the 16". And I can’t recommend the Harmony set highly enough!-- they’re wonderful. They also sell different lengths of cables, separately, so that you can really do exactly what you need to.

It sounds like you should get rid of the old ones and buy a whole set of Harmony interchangeables. Oh and some of the fixed in the small sizes. And maybe a set of Options in case you need metal needles… :teehee:

:poke:You are such a enabler! Actually I am going to buy me a set of Harmony Circulars but I need to wait a little while first. I do love my 3 16 inch fixed circs. All my others are Clover Bamboo and I love those.