Need help translating a Spanish pattern to English!

Hi there!

I am hoping to find a few people here who could help me translate a pattern into English - my grandmother lost both the English and French copies, so here I am trying to figure this out…!!

We both knit together, so she gave it to me: “You young people can do anything on a computer these days, right?”… haha! Yes Nan, I wil do my best…

Any help appreciated! I am going to start typing up the pattern, it is not too long, about 3/4 of a page. But if there is anyone who is willing to give me a hand with any of it, I would greatly appreciate it! I have attached a scanned copy as well, if you’d like me to email it. :slight_smile:

I do ok until I get to the abbreviations, and then I get stuck… sigh!

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Spanish isn’t one of mine, but I have a niece who is fluent.

Now I have just realized all of the pattern opportunities that I may be missing by not looking up patterns in French, Italian and Dutch. Well, I have to do something during my “convalescence”. :wink:

Have you checked out all the patterns at A lot of them are translated into English, but you can look at the eye candy…

Julie, I know a couple sites for knitting terms in different languages, but I don’t think there’s any for Spanish. You can join Ravelry and there’s a group/forum there called Excuse Me? that is just for translating patterns.

Yes, it isn’t my language either :frowning: If it were French, I might have been able to pull it off…

Yes, I am going to check out Ravelry. Thanks for the tip!

I had a bit of spanish :] I’m not fluent, but I could take a look at it and I might be able to help.

Yo hablo Espanol!

Pretty fluent since it’s my first language but I stopped using it in writing after I learned to write in English(2nd grade).Still, I was fluent enough to make fun of all the slackers in my AP Spanish 5 class in high school with the teacher >_>.

And because my mother watched so many damn soap operas when I was growing up, I know strange medical jargon.

I never knew anyone who knit and spoke Spanish, but I will do my best :stuck_out_tongue: