Need help stitching a band

I’m attempting to put a baby sweater together, and I don’t know what kind of stitch to use to sew on the front bands. They are in garter stitch and will attach to the two fronts which are stockinette. Can I use a mattress stitch to do this? I love the knitting part, but putting the whole thing together is giving me a headache. :shrug:

I think matress stitch would work fine for that. I would do an inch or so and see what yout think.

I’ve done several sweaters with garter bands, st st body. Mattress worked great. Did you do selvage sts to facilitate seaming?


Mmm, probably not, since I don’t know what that means. I’m pretty new at this knitting game. Guess I’d better look up selvage stitches. Thanks for your help.

It’s a good idea to have worked extra selvage sts (one on the band and sometimes one on the body) for the length of the join so that those are used for the seam and not part of the body and band which might create a pull. Depends, tho, on the pattern and sometimes the gauge.

Also, not sure what your pattern states, but given the nature of garter vs stockinette, you want to make sure and pull slightly on the band when fitting it for seaming so it doesn’t flare or sag.