Need help Starting Adirondack Pullover

Can someone pls assist me in getting started with this sweater (my first) I purchased the pattern on line and think I’ll be ok if I can get going!

Pattern Stitch

While Knitting circularly:
Round 1: knit 3 purl 1
Round 2: knit

Repeat these two rounds


with straight needles:

Row 1: knit 1, purl 3 (wrong side)
Row 2: Knit (right side)

With #7 circular needle cast on 77 stitches (for a Large). Begin working back and forth.

Row 1 work one wrong side row even, end K1.

My question what does “work one wrong side row even” mean?

Row 2 Set up "seams: as follows:

Increase into first stitch by knitting into the front and back of that stitch. M1, place marker, k3, palce marker, M1, k37, M1, place marker, k3, place marker, M1, k13, M1, place marker, k3, place marker, M1. Increase into last stitch.

As you increase along the raglan sleeve seam lines, you will keep a three stitch wide column of stocking stitch between your pairs of increases. Stitch pattern repeats within each section (sleeves, back, front) are centered. Incorporate increases into the est pattern . 87 stitches

Row 3 Pattern stitch row 1 , inc increase into pattern
P1, k2, p3 (seam), k2 p3,k1 3 times, k1, p3 (seam), k2, p3,k1 9 times, k1,p3 (seam), k2, p3,k1 3 times , k1, p3 (seam), k2, p1

Row 4 K1, M1, K to before marker. M1, slip marker, k3, slip marker,
M1, k to before next marker, M1, slip marker k3, slip marker, M1, knit to before next marker, M1, slip marker, k3, slip marker, M1,k to before next marker, M1, sip marker, k3, slip marker, M1 k to last stitch, M1, k1

Row 5 Wrok pattern stitich row 1, inc new stitches into pattern as est.

Repeat rows 4 and 5 until piece measures 2.5 inches from beginning and you have worked a totla of 9 sets of increases, ending after a right side row 167 stitches


  1. If I stitch with the circular needles, are there any adjustments I need to make? or just follow the pattern.

  2. I guess I can watch a video to learn how to increase the first stitch by knitting into the front and back of that stitch?

  3. the same for increasing …I can watch a video on this site.

  4. what does slip marker mean? skip it?


Simply work one row without increasing or decreasing – k1, p3 across, end with k1.

  1. You would actually need to start with the first row being a RS row 1 of the pattern at the top: i.e. instead of k1, p3 and end k1 you should work 1 round of p1, k3 and end with a purl. Likewise, you will want to work row three by reversing the knits and the purls.

  2. You can learn these two increases by watching the videos on this site. They are quite easy.

  3. Yep.

  4. Just move the marker from the left needle to the right as you encounter it.

Michael! THANK you very much!!! I realize these questions seem basic to you!!! : - ) Can I contact you again if I have other questions regarding this pattern? I’m not sure what the RULES are for that?

I really appreciate your assistance! People are SO nice on this site!!! It is invaluable! and my learning curve is really shortening! I love the videos!

Have a GREAT day!!!


There are no rules about pattern help. You can continue to post questions (here or start another thread) and other people may be able to answer your questions too.

Are you going to knit in the round, or on the flat?

The directions that include “work back and forth” seem to be for working it flat. The picture (admittedly, I can’t see it very well) looks to be mostly knit on the right side, which makes me go “yep” at the directions for the “wrong side”

If you’re going to knit in the round, you need to separate out the instructions from each other, and go by the ones for “knitting circularly” which SHOULD (I would think) mean that the great majority of your stitches would be knit, rather than just over half.

Is there a differentiation in the directions?

By giving both types of instructions, I would think this is worked both in the round and back and forth. The blurb on ravelry says it’s worked in one piece from the top down. It could be that the pattern directions for straight needles are for the sleeves to be worked flat, then seamed.

OMG Sue and Trish…your questions pose a dilemna!!! sooooo I went to the email where they sent the pattern and found that it was written by an Elizabeth Morrison . I sent her an email asking how she wrote the instructions ! for knitting in the round, or flat…and if I need to convert if I knit in the round! …I know you can’t post the directions, if you’d like me to send them to you so that you may look at them yourself, I am happy to do so…perhaps your more experienced eyes would read the complete instructions and understand more fully…
otherwise, I will see if she replies and post her response!

right now…I’ve cast on my 77 stitches…and completed the first 2 rows …I thought I better hold steady until receiving clarification though!!! : - ) thanks again!!!

Your enthusiasm makes me smile.

I think you did the right thing in emailing the author. Since she’s self-published, she has a really high interest in making sure her customers are happy. While I would have no problem looking at a pattern, I’m a newbie too - best to get it from the source!

She is on Ravelry as well, and if you haven’t signed up for Ravelry yet, I would strongly urge you to do so - free, and an amazing resource for patterns and advice.

I had to giggle though, I was looking at the author’s information - that free pattern I liked from Knitty? Hers as well.

Thanks Trish! It’s pretty funny actually …I work for a large ins broker and pour over contract language all day…this knitting lingo is a foreign language to me though! I like to keep busy and am always making something…jewelry before this knitting adventure! My husband says he thinks I’ll get his sweater done by next Christmas! HA…so an extra incentive to get it going and on his bod before the weather turns THIS year!..I do find it relaxing and look forward to my little knitting sessions…the ripping out and starting over part isn’t too fun though! oh well…part of the process!
Here is the response from the pattern writer:

“The very beginning of the sweater is worked in rows, right up around the neckline. This is so the front of the neck can sit correctly, a little lower than the back of the neck. You work in rows for the first 2-3 inches, then cast on stitches to span the front of the neck and begin circular knitting. All the rest will be in the round.”

Hey…I see you are in NC… are you a Marine? My husband served in the USMC for 12 yrs…then out after Desert Storm and was recruited to go to Iraq as a PC …he did 4 tours there …last one May 08 …now he tries to stay stateside and teach…He was down at Lejune in Dec…he’s out in the mts now teaching…

Well, It’s snowing here pretty good…I’ve been home reading email …and now I should head out to the office for a bit.

Thanks again, very much!!! for all your help! I really appreciate the extra effort you made to help me find this pattern! :cheering:
Have a great day!

Good explanation and many top down sweaters start that way.