Need Help Ripping Sweater

I am making my first baby sweater. I finished most of it, don’t like the looks - it’s too big and wide. I brought it to my LYS and they suggested starting over (my guage was way off). So, I started to rip it out last night and the yarn is not unraveling. I tried at the beginning cast on edge and also at the bottom where I had already bound off. I am having to pull each stitch out and my yarn is a mess. I can’t take the whole thing apart this way. What is wrong?

You can’t easily rip out from the cast on, you unravel in the reverse order that it was knit. So find the tail from the bind off and pull there. It might be caught up on the first few sts, but after that should unravel quite easily.

It should rip back from the cast off edge easily. If you weaved in your ends that could affect it’s ripping easily at those points.

Yes, work from the bound off edge not the cast on. A simple knit one, knit another one, lift the first loop over the second one type of bind off will undo easily. But there are some bind offs that are a lot harder to undo, for instance a sewn bind off. You have to go through about 3 steps for each stitch, but however you bound off you should be able to unravel easily once you are past the bind off row. Some kinds of yarns can be harder to undo than others though. If you have one of those you’ll just have to struggle a bit more, but it shouldn’t be undoable.

And, if you run out of patience, you can cut off the bind off. But that’s usually a last resort. Once you find the end and work it loose, it generally just zips out.

I am knitting a Knitting Pure & Simple Easy Baby Sweater off Ravelry. It is knit top down, so the bottom of the sweater is bound off, but ends were not woven in. I am not the most experienced knitter, but have been at it for 2 years and have never run into this. The sweater is in stockinette with a few rows of garter stitch at the very bottom, then bound off. It just won’t come out without pulling the yarn through each individual stitch. I could cut it, but I don’t know what good that would even do. And the weirder part is, the last few rows are knit in garter stitch, and they are still hanging there and the knitting is coming undone above that edging. Thanks for any help you can give me!

Hmm :?? That seems pretty straight forward. I don’t know why you are having so much trouble. Is the yarn anything weird? Are you by any chance starting from the wrong end of the bind off row? not right where you ended off, but on the other end? Seems unlikely but I’m grasping at straws. I wish I could be of more help.

it still sounds like you are unraveling from the wrong direction. If garter is the last thing you knit, it should be the first to come undone.