Need Help Reversing Scarf Pattern

Hi there. I found this pattern online and love it. I’ve gotten to the desired length and would like to make the skull at the end the same as the other side so when you’re wearing it it, its the same both ways. I tried just startign from the bottom of the pattern but then the right side became wrong side and it looked all weird. Shoudl I knitting the purls now and purling the knits? Is that how “reversing” the pattern would work. Please help ASAP as this is an early Christmas gift for the hubby who has to work on Christmas!

It says in the pattern that after the first half of the scarf has been worked, turn the chart upside down. So you don’t have to start from the end, but just work the chart from the top right to the bottom left - the ‘reverse’ direction you’d normally follow a chart.