Need help reading this pattern

Hello everyone,

I am knitting some squares for a Farm Play Mat from Debbie Bliss’ Toy Knits. I just cannot figure out what this means:

K3, [k into the back of 2nd st, k first st, slip both sts off needle tog, k2] 6 times, k1

I get the K 3… :teehee: But then, I don’t understand which stitch I am supposed to be knitting into the back of, where the first st is, and how to slip the both of tog???

Any help with this would be much appreciated! Thanks:)

You’re doing a 2-st twist. Pull your ndls toward you so you can see the back of the sts on your left ndl. Insert right ndl into back leg of 2ND st on left ndl. K it but leave it on ndl. Then K the 1ST st tbl on the left ndl (altho some K the 1st thru the front). Slip both worked sts off the left needle.



Okay, I got that row :woohoo:

Now it says to “p into the front of 2nd st, p first s, slip both sts off tog”

Isn’t this essentially the same as normal purling, into the front of the st? Or am I still having brain cramps?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Yes, but you’re doing them out of seq to form a twist in the other direction.