Need help reading this pattern!

I’ve been knitting for awhile now (mostly scarves and hats), but I just started reading patterns and I can say that I’m not very good at it! I’m trying to figure out this scarf pattern, which should be relatively easy, but I think I’m overanalyzing it and confusing myself. Here is the pattern:
Finished measurements: 8’’ wide x 80’’ long
14 sts and 14 rows = 4’’ in pattern

[B]perforated edge pattern[/B]
Row 1: K3, YO, knit to end
Row 2: K2, k2tog, YO, k2tog, knit to end
Repeat rows 1 and 2

[COLOR=“Blue”]I have a couple of simple questions! So for this part, I need to have 28 sts so that my piece is 8’’ in long, right? And how many times do I repeat the rows? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Black”]CO 3 sts. [B]Inc row[/B]: knit and purl into first st, knit to end. Work inc row a total of 4 times-7sts [/COLOR] [COLOR=“Black”]
Work row 1 of perf. edge pattern 23 times-30sts
[COLOR=“Blue”]Please help me decipher this!! I’m not sure how to read this. I know this is supposed to be easy, but I’m just confusing myself![/COLOR]
Once I have this figured out, I’ll be able to decipher the rest of the pattern. Thanks for all of your help!!!


What scarf pattern is this? There must be something else in the pattern that would give the answers you are looking for.

The pattern calls for you to cast on 3 stitches, then for the first 4 rows, you will add one stitch per row by knitting into the first stitch, but don’t take it off the left needle- move your yarn to the front and purl the same stitch, just like you would purl any stitch. THEN take it off the left needle. You have now made 2 stitches out of one. Knit the rest of the stitches normally. When you have done this 4 times, you’ll have a total of 7 stitches.

The next part is a bit confusing- is this the whole pattern? If so, this is what I think you do:

Then you move on to the ‘perforated edge pattern’ directions, which call for you to knit 3 stitches, do a yarn over, then knit the rest. Turn your work and knit two stitches, knit 2 stitches TOGETHER, do a yarn over, knit two stitches TOGETHER, knit the rest of the stitches. Then go back and repeat both of those rows until you have a total of 30 stitches on your needle.

If there is more to the pattern, then the above directions might not be right. Can you post the rest of the pattern if there is more?


and here’s another interpretation of the pattern :slight_smile:

CO 3 sts.
Work Inc row for a total of 4 times. This leaves 7 sts on the needle.
Then it says to work [B]Row 1[/B] of the perforated edge pattern 23 times. I take this to mean that you only do Row 1 until you have
the required 30 sts.
Then you would start alternating Row 1 and Row 2 to the required
But I’m wondering if part of the pattern is missing as to be even there
should be some decreasing at the finishing end to make it match the
start end…?

Libbie :slight_smile:

Here is the rest of the pattern:
For body of scarf, work rows 1 and 2 of perforated edge patt until piece measures
Work row 2 of perforated edge pattern 23 times–7 sts
dec row: k2tog, knit to end. work dec row 4 times-3 sts. BO 3 sts.
Weave in ends.

I’m still trying to understand how to read/work gauge. The gauge for this scarf is
14sts and 14 rows= 4’’ in pattern. and the finished measurements is 8’’ wide x 80’’ long. So I start off by having 28 sts in perf. edge pattern to make it 8’’ wide? Thanks for the help!

okay…scratch my last question! Instead of confusing everybody and myself with these gauge questions, can someone just explain to me how I incorporate the gauge given to me to the scarf pattern? Thanks!

And thanks for the responses! I’m getting a better idea of how to read this pattern.

OK, scratch what I said originally and go with Libbie’s interpretation, I think that one is more correct!

As for gauge- you would figure it out by knitting 20 stitches and 20 rows in pattern (i.e. alternating rows 1 and 2 of perforated edge pattern) and then measuring the stitches and rows you get in the center 4" of the swatch. It doesn’t have to be 2 stitches/rows, but the idea is to do more than the gauge calls for because edge tension will be different than the rest of the knitting. If you want to make sure ahead of time that you’re getting gauge, you need to knit the swatch up separately from the actual scarf. That means you don’t need to worry about the ‘cast on 3 stitches and increase’ part of the pattern, just cast on 20 or so stitches and knit the pattern for 20 or so rows. Then after you measure your swatch, you can keep it, or unravel it and start the scarf with the same yarn.