Need help reading the pattern

I have started to knot this baby’s sleeping bag. (see image of pattern) all went wee until i got to the 1,2,3 and 4th row which form the pattern for the top part. the 4 rows worked well however 5th and 6th row don’t make sense. I have tried it several ways by working the 5th row as (4 rows of pattern) and working the 5th row as the 1st row of the pattern and the 6th row as 2nd this also did not work. Stuck and don’t know how to continue. Appreciate if someone can read this and explain what I have to do for the 5th row. Thanks

Hi Reema,

So after 4th row you have 81 sts, right? I think what you do on row 5 is to follow row 3:

P1, * k1, p3, repeat from * to last 2sts, k1, p1, cast on 10sts

And row 6 (now you have 91 sts) like row 4:

K1, *p1, k3, repeat from * to last 2sts, p1, k1, cast on 10sts

And so on.

That’s what I see but of course better wait till someone experienced says something… in my understanding if you try doing rows 5 and 6 like 1 and 2 it doesn’t work because you added 10 sts that will not follow the pattern well, the pattern changed from starting with P3 (1st row) or K3 (2nd row) to P1 (3rd rowm ending with k1, p1) and K1 (4th row, ending with cast on 10 sts). I think the pattern should follow rows 3 and 4 instead of rows 1, 2, 3, and 4.

It can perfectly be that I am 100% wrong though. Let’s see what others tell you, I am very curious!

Thank you

To me, it looks like the 4 row pattern should repeat throughout this increase section but I’d like to see what the sleeping bag looks like. Are the cast on sts worked in pattern or are they in stockinette? Can you give us the name of the pattern or a link to a photo?
So the rows work like this:
4 cast on 10
5-row 1 cast on 10
6-row 2 cast on 10
5-row 3 cast on 10
6-row 4 cast on 10
5-row 1 cast on 10

Thank you. I tried that but ended up with a a rib like stitch this is the pattern I have . I can email you the complete pattern don’t know if it is a norm practice to share the pattern on the forum

So it looks like the pattern continues into the sleeves. Keep doing the 4 row pattern. But you’ll have to keep the columns of sts aligned so that it doesn’t switch to a rib pattern. In order to do that, you’ll have to count backwards and name the stitches as you go.

ETA: I tried the pattern. It helps a lot to put in a stitch marker before you cast on the extra 10 sts. Do this on both sides of the knitting. Then you know where the pattern rows begin. You can count backwards from the marker instead of trying to identify a stitch pattern 2 rows below.
So for example, row 5 is a repeat of row 1. At the marker you know that you would begin with p3. Name the sts going back to the new beginning of the row, k1, p3, k1, p3, k1,and then p1. Start the row with p1 and continue in pattern to the marker. You’ll know you’re going correctly when you slip the marker and work p3, k1, p3

Sorry you lost me there. I am not an expert knitter :frowning:

I appreciate your help and apologize if my reply above sounded rude. What I meant was I do not know how to knit unless i follow an easy straight forward pattern.

Yes, this isn’t so easy to understand. Much easier to be able to show you with your work on the needles. Here’s a drawing that may help. The row is written right to left because that’s the way the sts look on the needle. The marker is placed between the body of the bag that you’ve been knitting and the 10 newly cast on sts. The row starts p1, k1, p3, k1, p3, k1 and then you’re at the marker and the row reads as given in the pattern.

If this doesn’t work for you, it’s ok. You can always work the newly cast on sts in stockinette and when you get to the body of the bag, continue the pattern rows as written in your pattern.

OMG and here I was thinking I had understood the pattern :fearful:

salmonmac, if you have a minute could you explain to me how you guessed that the sleeves were following the pattern? Because the pattern only says to cast on 10 stitches, but then you have to guess that 10 stitches are made up of the pattern of row 1 (8 stitches) + k1p1?

The drawing is nice by the way, I wasn’t getting the whole counting backwards, now I do.
Sorry for jumping on the thread like this, I just feel embarrassed that I even thought I knew what to do…

I’m glad you contributed. We all say things differently and you never know when something you say will suddenly trigger the light bulb for someone else.
I didn’t know how the pattern continued. That was why I asked for a link to a photo.

I think this is working now, the one question now is whether the stitch marker stays where it is as I add on new stitches so separating the sleeves from the body. Or do I mark the new 10 stitches I cast on?

Oh, good! You have a choice. You can leave it where it is because you know that that’s where the pattern stitches begin as given in the written instructions. For example, a row 1 will start P3 after the marker.
The alternative is to move the marker to before the start of the row as given in the instructions. So for a row 1 the marker would move to before another purl 3 like this:

That way you won’t have to count backwards so many sts to get to the beginning stitch.