Need help reading pattern, not sure what to do. Help!

HI- I am still struggling with this pattern. And it says that it was easy too. I have knit hats, scarfs and a purse and thought I was ready for something else but I havent picked up my knitting in months and have seemed to forget everything.

Anyway, I am knitting a hooded knit sweater it is a Lion Brand pattern. I guess I will have to type part of the pattern to show were I need help. If you need more of the pattern let me know but I will only type the part I need help on and hopefully that will be enough.

Shape neck:Next row (RS) K 22 sts, join a 2nd ball of yarn and loosly bind off center 14 stitches, k 22 stitches. Working both sides at the same time with separate balls of yarn, bind off 2 sts at each neck edge once, then dec 1 st at each neck edge every other row twice. work even until same length as Back to shoulder. Work 3-needle bind off on 18 sts for each shoulder seam. Bind off center Back 22 Sts.

after this part it goes to the sleeves.

I have binded off the center 14 stitches. I think I can figure out the dec. I am lost at the part where is says work even until same length as Back to shoulder. I dont get what that means back to shoulder. And I think when I do the 3 needle bind off I am some how attaching the back?

Sorry, I feel silly asking a question everyone else has probably figured out but I guess I am still a newbie even though I have been knitting awhile.


Have you already made the back part of the sweater? “Work even” just means to work the same amount of stitches, no decreases or increases. So once you are done with your neck shaping with the decreases, you will just work the shoulders “straight” until the entire front piece measures the same as the back piece at the top of the shoulders.

Yes, I have already knit the back. Thanks for you help. The next step an I attaching the back with the 3-needle bind off?


You got it! :thumbsup:

If this sweater doesnt drive me crazy I will probably drive everone else crazy with my questions.

The pattern doesnt say what type of decrese to do on the neck shaping. Does it not matter? I have read on other patterns that I should do a right slant increase on the left and a left slant on the right. Will it mess the neck up if I just do a regular decrease by knitting 2 together.



Knitting 2 together will give you a right-slant. I personally don’t bother with right and left slanting for decreases where the edge will be seamed or picked up for a collar.